Jump Starting Growth Via The Customer Journey

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Building a customer-centric organization is challenging.  In today’s highly competitive markets, customer experience is often the differentiating factor in making the sale or between keeping and losing the customer when problems arise.  Customers decide whether or not a experience has been positive or negative based on how the experience makes them feel.  While businesses understand the need to deliver in the area of product value, many fail to understand and struggle to meet the emotional expectations that are at the core of customer interactions.

 Emotions Often Shape The Customer Journey

Customer Journey Use Cases

Shows different touchpoints in the consumer journey

Sapphire Brand Builders Can Help Your Company:

  • Shows stats about benefits of building emotional connections with customersMap your customers’ emotional expectations when they engage with your business
  • Understand how those expectations impact your brand and drive engagement
  • Determine what, if any, gaps exist between customer expectation and reality and how you can convert those disparities into an opportunity that will drive long-term loyalty, engagement and brand passion
  • Uncover the “moments of truth” — those pivotal events that can define the relationship (both positively or negatively) and sales
  • Identify the key emotional drivers that your business can leverage across all of the touchpoints in the customer journey to encourage loyalty and repurchase behavior

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