• Jump Starting Growth Via The Customer Journey

    Building a customer-centric organization is challenging.  In today’s highly competitive markets, customer experience is often the differentiating factor in making the sale or between keeping and losing the customer when problems arise.  Customers decide whether or not a experience has been positive or negative based on how the experience makes them feel.  While businesses understand the need to deliver in the area of product value, many fail to understand and struggle to meet the emotional expectations that are at the core of customer interactions.  Emotions Often Shape The Customer Journey Sapphire Brand Builders Can Help Your Company: Map your customers’…

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  • Understanding How Sapphire Brand Builders Can Help Your Company

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  • Door into the human mind

    Research Techniques that Drive Human Understanding

      Humans, much like animals, have certain behaviors, features and characteristics. Their wants and needs, while similar, influence the relationship they have with brands and products. When brands commission qualitative research, their goals are often to uncover the hidden emotions that influence decision-making, buying behavior and brand perceptions. One of the most challenging aspects of focus groups is to elicit verbal and non-verbal cues. These cues reflect the emotional environment consumers inhabit, as well as the subtleties of language, among others. Select research techniques can be used to identify verbal and non-verbal cues, and get to the heart of how…

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  • Raising Children In The Digital Age

    If you live in the Philadelphia area, the PennSuburban Chamber of Greater Montgomery County is sponsoring a viewing of “Screen Agers: Growing Up In The Digital Age,” on November 2. The viewing is free and followed by a panel discussion. Space is limited; preregistration is strongly encouraged. Pre-Registration Link:http://www.pennsuburban.org/events/details/screenagers-2612

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  • Man standing before success failure sign

    Five Strategic Mistakes Researchers Make When Planning Qualitative Research

    Qualitative research is a powerful tool that can provide deep insight into customer needs and wants.  However, it can be easy to make mistakes that can clip a project’s wings before it ever gets off the ground: Neglecting to get all stakeholders involved as early as possible in goals and objective Getting the brand, marketing and product teams on the same page is critical: If the team isn’t aligned with the research objectives, they are less likely to embrace the outcome Making sure stakeholders are represented at the research initiation improves buy-in and acceptance of the final results   Not…

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