At Sapphire Brand Builders, our goal is to help you find that core story for your brand, whether you are developing a new product or refreshing one, to enable you to build and expand your brand’s reach across the globe.

All successful brands have a story at its core that is universal in nature and resonates across the human experience—a hero who helps you solve your problem; a rebel who fights against convention to help you think differently; or a mentor who helps guide your health choices. The details of each brand’s story may be different, but they all meet and connect with specific emotional needs of the listener, often on a subconscious level.

How do we help you define your brand story?

By capturing the stories, imagery and emotions associated with your brand, we provide insight that allows you to connect with your customers at both the conscious and unconscious levels. While it is important to understand how your customers say they make their decisions, there are often unspoken, emotional drivers at play which have a bigger influence on decision making. Nearly 90% of the choices that individuals make are driven by subconscious needs and emotions. These hidden emotions are often hard for individuals to articulate directly–if they are aware of them at all.

What do we mean by hidden emotional drivers?

An emotional driver is a human dimension that serves a purpose to motivate the customer, patient or healthcare provider to behave in a certain manner.

For example, a grandfather with respiratory problems might agree to use the COPD maintenance therapy that his doctor prescribed because it will reduce the number of exacerbations he has.  But, the hidden driver is that he is 58 years old and every time he tries to play with his grandchildren he ends up wheezing and gasping for air.  It makes him feel 20 years older than he actually is.  When he takes his medication, he feels younger and healthier and he can kick the soccer ball around in the backyard with his grandchildren on the weekends.

How do we do this?

At Sapphire Brand Builders, we use a wide range of behavioral research techniques to build the layers of your brand story, beginning with the core archetype. We help you evaluate the individual pieces of your brand architecture to ensure that the core emotions and brand values resonate consistently across your positioning and messaging. The end goal is to allow your brand to speak with a stronger voice, driving greater connection, enthusiasm, passion and engagement with your brand.

Our Team



With nearly 20 years of experience, Kim specializes in
discovering the emotional journeys and stories that are the foundation for vibrant, targeted strategies and messaging that create a road map for an enduring relationship with the customer amid a changing marketing landscape.

Located in the Philadelphia area, Kim is a engaging
moderator and creative methodologist, experienced in the use of a wide range of qualitative techniques to uncover hidden emotional drivers that shape the ”hows” and “whys” of purchasing behavior.

Additionally, she enjoys harnessing the creative
opportunities that online and mobile technologies bring to the research landscape, allowing her to deliver high impact, real-time brand stories.

She has extensive experience helping a wide range of partners including brand managers, insight leaders,
marketing teams, creative agencies, and market research agencies harness customer stories to enable brands to engage more deeply with customers.

A skillful global brand builder, Kim helps clients understand the nuances of amplifying the customer’s voice in culturally diverse markets around the globe.



As an accredited social scientist, Frank uses a variety of diagnostic approaches to uncover the range of fundamental human needs that shape behavior, influence choice, and ultimately impact decisions for product preference within a given therapeutic area or product category.

He is highly regarded as an innovative methodologist, providing insights and strategic direction with the use of emotion based methods in response to key brand / business challenges and questions. Frank is also widely known for his engaging style of moderating, enabling respondents to reveal themselves, their attitudes, and true beliefs.

Frank is a frequent speaker at various industry conferences and has been published in Business Week (April 2013), regarding his work developing and conducting research in a virtual environment.

Frank’s global experience includes Europe, Latin America, South America, Asia-Pacific.